iiPDF and iiReports

That’s what Planet iiPDF and iiReports is all about – getting accurate, up-to-date, thorough information in the field in a simplistic form for day-to-day procedures or in emergency situations.

Planet IRM is a comprehensive infrastructure management tool that must be regularly maintained and updated by experienced users.  To better serve the casual user, Planet Associates has developed the Planet eVolution web client. With this innovative system, authorized remote users login to the Planet eVolution webserver over the internet and instantly create up-to-the-minute iiReports or multi-layered iiPDF files with embedded tool tips, equipment inventory spreadsheets, parent-child hierarchy links, and other enhanced capabilities. These resulting password-protected files can easily be viewed by authorized users with Adobe Reader® software. The Adobe users can manipulate layer visibility and use Adobe’s Reader Extension* functionality to annotate changes for later updates to the Planet IRM database.

The Planet eVolution solution increases Planet IRM’s usability throughout an organization by extending a portion of Planet IRM’s functionality to the casual user. It is an essential tool for management, first-responders, field support, and outside contractors: it puts real-time, up-to-date critical data in the remote hands of those who need it most – quickly and easily – while protecting the contained information with established security mechanisms.

Fully Layered Site iiPDF showing Campus in Acrobat Reader
Fully Layered iiPDF Showing Floor Plan