Integration Platforms

Planet IRM integrates with numerous third party applications to streamline business processes:


Automate Move, Add and Change (MAC) processes by integrating with Help Desk Systems

This unites Help Desk tasks with network management activities to coordinate MACs between various departments. For example, a change request in a help desk system can be automatically forwarded to the Planet IRM Change Request Queue to generate an alarm to initiate a MAC transaction. The administrators populate the transaction with Planet IRM, incorporating all of the relevant details in a MAC transaction before returning it to the help desk system in a work order with the service request task, which sends it to the appropriate technician and/or network manager for completion.  BMC’s Helix platform supporting ITSM, Remedy and Discovery is fully supported.

Interface to element and network operations management systems using internal system APIs

For example, an NMS can pass alarm and trap information or other correlation information to Planet IRM. Trap information is used to locate the device in alarm state and to immediately determine connectivity information, review change management audit logs, and obtain user and/or vendor information.

Intregrate with Discovery Tools utilizing our Discovery Correlation Engine

Mapping auto-discovery information to Planet IRM can help find equipment that is unidentified in the discovery tool or not yet discovered.  It can also be used to update the relevant information contained within the Planet IRM database.