Security Management

Now more than ever, securing our critical infrastructures is a top priority for all commercial businesses and government agencies. Our reliance on IT and Telecommunications services and the critical physical infrastructures that support them has changed the way business is conducted, how the government operates and how we make decisions everyday.

Planet IRM helps organizations better manage, correlate and prioritize relevant security event data by extending the value and effectiveness of existing security risk management systems in real time. By correlating security risks to the physical IT layer, organizations and first responders can instantly identify and assess the exact location of a potential security threat within the infrastructure. As part of Planet Associates Critical Infrastructure Information Management (CIIM) strategy, Planet IRM helps you eliminate the discovery time associated with responding to security risks, gather business intelligence to identify potential areas of vulnerability, ensure business continuity, and comply with both industry and government regulations for Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP).

By providing an intelligent, real-time picture of your critical infrastructure, Planet IRM will enable your security management team to implement qualitative risk assessments and control countermeasures.

Deterrent Controls — Identify & harden areas of potential physical infrastructure vulnerability. View and analyze camera coverage zones, sensor radii, access controls, and biometrics; identify open ports on the network; etc., and plan respectively.

Preventative Controls — Ensure the redundancy of your critical infrastructure through real-time visualization. Analyze the physical separation of services, ensure back-up capabilities, configure and manage CCTV infrastructure, etc.

Corrective Controls — Better enable organizations to reduce the damage of a potential attack/security breach. Through Planet IRM’s visual event management capabilities, first responder teams can rapidly identify and respond to incidents by viewing the physical location of the occurrence and observing the incident as it may propagate throughout the critical infrastructure.

Detective Controls — Planet IRM’s alarm triggered auto-locate capabilities span across multiple technologies. These technologies include equipment failures, sensor alarms (biological\chemical agent), motion detectors, biometric technologies (retinal scans, finger print authentication), and more.

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