Service and Circuit Management

A critical aspect of maintaining technology infrastructure rests in the reliability of the circuitry that connects the technology together. Often, organizations do not have a clear picture of the countless pathways and cabling contained within their network, and are unaware of whether redundancies are sufficient or resources are under-utilized. The more an organization has indispensable circuits, the more sensitive it is to disruptions of the network, yet in general the resources in place to maintain these critical circuits are woefully neglected.

An important dimension of Planet IRM functionality is the ability to perform analysis on multiple aspects of network circuitry to determine proper utilization, redundancy, diversity, points of failure, etc.

Circuit Analysis indicates how many circuits or how much bandwidth an entity depends on to support the external information exchange. Two important metrics contained in this analysis include the number of circuits FROM the entity and TO the entity (or CONNECTED with the entity, if direction is not important). With this analysis function, a network planner can select any region, area, zone or entity and instantly identify and visualize all circuits. Using comprehensive analytical tools, each component can graphically depict their circuits by type, component, bandwidth and carrier by simply applying an analytical color filter.

Pass-Through Analysis targets the inter-dependence relationships between the physical infrastructure and the cyber infrastructure. When the physical infrastructure is destroyed, the supported cyber infrastructure may completely fail or be seriously affected. An important aspect of this analysis depends on the number of circuits running through a facility such as a building, pathway, manhole, etc. This pass-through analysis includes both the circuits used by the facility and those that simply pass thru the facility and have no logical connections. The latter is not normally identified in any repository but is very important since damage to those circuits may cause serious consequences to other elements which connect elsewhere.

Bandwidth Capacity Analysis is used within a region to identify the bandwidth being provided by different WAN circuit types along with known current utilization of the bandwidth. This ability allows an organization to plan for future growth or assist in the consolidation of disparate services into a single common service.

Planet IRM interfaces with carrier and organizational databases to capture critical information and consolidate it into one cohesive database.

Circuit Schematic Diagram and Circuit Trace